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Hello all, My name is Deborah nice to meet you. I am 22 years old, live in austin TX. I play video games and guitar. I am also a writer and love the outdoors. Want to know more? Leave me a question :-)

I remember

A time when I used to care too much. I remember when other people talking behind my back used to upset me.I remember a time when i was so lost i didnt know who i was. A time when all my time was devoted to my computer. I remember being nothing like i am now. I remember being unruly, being distant, being very reserved. I remember i felt i couldn’t trust anyone. I remember a time when i used to live with my parents and had no car payment….Have i really changed that much in so little time? A few months is all it took. Thats interesting. By the way hello everyone :)





i’ll do the alpha kids next

obviously there are more to the characters than a few points, but these  are some of the most frequent glaring errors people make with their personalities/interests.

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and I’ve been up my girls ass soo yeah. That might be why the internet thing is taking so long :/

Plot twist:You're out with friends, and your hair looks great.
Plot twist:Your hair looks great.
Plot twist:You're out with friends.
Plot twist:You're out.
Plot twist:You have friends.